Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Paul Smith Women, Jonathan Saunders

It must be hard for someone like Paul Smith, whose schtick is so defined -- dapper-dan little suits, borderline-nerdy -- to think outside the box. He's good at what he does; why mess around with a good thing? The beginning of his collection was just what you'd expect, like this great little blazer- Harry Potter glasses combo:

His collection moved on, however, to some looks that, while not quite surprising, were a little more chic.

I love the sweaterdress above. The striped scarf fools you into thinking Smith's doing a little menswear-inspired tie, but instead it's a little more feminine.

And this dress above, one of his last looks, is gorgeous. It's pretty and glamorous in a perfect, Paul Smith way: the sheer fabric is sexy but not at all overt, and that blazer adds just a little touch of nerd.


Jonathan Saunders is showing in New York next season! It's like we're getting a new neighbor! I loved his bright chiffon dresses for fall, and I thought his spring collection was incredibly chic... so let's roll out the welcome mat for February.

I liked the way he used color here -- it was very subtle and muted, which must have been a big adjustment for him after last season. The draped dress, second from the top, reminds me a bit of Preen's spring dresses, but it's so pretty! And I loved the pleating on the look that's third down: it's very sophisticated, chic, and modern, but without being boring. And don't get me wrong: I think the minimalism of a Jil Sander or Calvin Klein plain plain plain shift dress can be beautiful, but Saunders' has those little interesting elements that I love. The giant lucite bangle in the first look is Awesome. And that last dress? I don't even think I have to say anything about that. Sigh.


P.S. I feel like Tanya D has been blowing up this season. Does anyone else think she looks a little bit like an alien?

At Oscar de la Renta. Prettiest little alien I ever did see.

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Susan said...

Tanya D, totally looks like an alien. A very pretty alien actually!