Sunday, September 9, 2007


I've never been a huge Malandrino fan; I think she's great with cute, detailed summer dresses, but you need more than that. (Though I did love that for fall, all her models had the same, adorable haircut... remember this?) Her spring line wasn't terribly groundbreaking for me, until I got to the last two looks, which I loved:

I know I've seen the neck on this dress before (was it Lanvin, a couple years ago?), but I still think it's gorgeous. That color combination, that red ruffle... and I know I've been complaining that I'm over the empire waist... but it's great.

This skirt is awesome. It has the artistic references that she used in this collection without being too literal, and I love it with the strapless white top.

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editor said...

i distinctly remember the neck from that dress in versace's spring '03 group, and balenciaga had a milder form of it on some of the tops in spring '02.