Friday, September 7, 2007

models love preen

I've heard more about Preen in the last few days than I have ever before. The new British It label, the show featured Agyness (obviously), Stam, Anja, Freja (with a great new haircut), Lily, Raquel, Catherine McNeill, and Sasha.

Oh, yeah, and the clothes were pretty awesome.

Above, Freja Beha Erichson. All the cool kids are cutting their hair. You heard it here first.

Agyness, how can you be so cool!?

Above is my favorite dress of the show. All the draping and wrapping of the show was awesome, but I especially love it with the sharp colorblock combination of that red, taupe and white.

Is is just me, or does Sasha Pivovarova look severely cracked out on every runway? She's amazing in photos, but in real life, she looks like she's about to die. This dress is very cool, though.


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