Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Marc Jacobs...

is backwards. Literally. He put on his show backwards, coming out for his final bow, then sending all the models out together for the finale, then sending each one out, starting with look 56 and ending with look one.

The show was literally about doing things backwards, with surrealist ideas like wearing your underwear over your clothes. Clever, tricky details like mouse brooches and shoes that appear much too small might have been gimmicky -- but let's be honest: it's Marc, so it'll sell.

His whole collection reminded me of this:

Renata Espinosa's Fashion Wire Daily review is great.

For me, it was the most fun to look at the detail shots of the show:

See how the back of the shoe is sliced open so the model's foot hangs out?

This one above took me a while to figure out, but once I did, I thought it was awesome (her foot is resting on top of the shoe -- what you initially think is the back of the shoe is really a solid platform).

This shoe above is the one that weirds me out a little bit, though that craziness with the heel reminds me of the shoes he did for Louis Vuitton several seasons ago.

His bags were also a little off-kilter, with clutches attaches to the outside of sheer totes:

My favorite part of this shot is that you can see the Vogue inside the bag -- the Vogue with Winona Ryder on the cover, wearing a Marc Jacobs fall 2007 dress.


WendyB said...

I was fascinated by the shoes (and impressed no one fell). That bag reminded me of the notorious Louis Vuitton patchwork bag.

jen hawkins said...

love love love the shoes. simply awesome. i would wear each pair with pride.

hate hate hate the bag.