Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Luella Bartley makes clothes for DORKS, and I love it.

From the cardigans and giant nerd glasses to the Batman (yes, Batman) references and lace-up oxfords, Luella's spring collection was totally goofy in the coolest way.

Above: This is great. It's a very sweet, 50s look, but modernized with the huge patent bag and oxfords. And we all know how I feel about oxfords (pro).

I'm starting to really love Cecelia Mendez, above. It would be really easy for that silver suit to look cheap, but it's perfect (I like the narrow lapels) and a little Thom Browne-esque, which I love.

Above: A little 50s dork going to a Batman convention. It's so cute!

This dress above reminds me of the hot pink Luella dress Chloe Sevigny wore to some event. Without the print shoes, which are a little much for me, this would be a great, fun, party dress.

This one above, however, I can't get behind. I know the ombre is going to be such the big deal for spring, but it's still a little too Prada-esque for me, and i can't look at those pleats without thinking of Giambattista Valli's pleats and the subsequent Zara knockoffs. Also, I just don't like the combat boots.

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fiona fraser said...

i heart luella
lalala love the collection-