Saturday, February 2, 2008


Just came from the Ruffian show, followed by champagne with the Ruffians at their studio. May or may not be heading to the Ruffian after party in SoHo. More to be reported soon.

UPDATE: Needlepoint graffiti!? Inspired.

I thought the strength was in the details at Ruffian... the aforementioned needlepoint graffiti, a "cassette tape boucle," and some amazing jewelry (think pearls with spikes and serious hardware).

Above: The cassette-tape boucle. Up close, it really looks like those shiny little strips of cassette tape are woven in (I was informed that it is not, in fact, real cassette tape -- but props for the idea, right?).

Above: Maybe a little Balenciaga-circa-a-few-seasons-ago in the silhouette, but who can really fault them for that? Plus, that belt buckle is awesome.

Above: A little trivia for you lovelies: This model is not actually a model, but a waitress at a restaurant called Relish in Brooklyn. Apparently, she was a fit model, and Brian and Claude (the Ruffians, as I refer to them) liked her tattoos so much they asked her to be in the show.


terri said...

um......... ....

guest blogger ncP?

Grace said...

I was wondering about that tattooed beauty. I quite enjoyed her sleeves- what a nice touch.

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