Friday, February 8, 2008

project runway

All the shows are up on New York Magazine online - to avoid spoiling anything (anyone else think they just timed it really badly this season?), all five of the remaining designers showed: Rami, Christian, Jillian, Sweet P, and Chris. More on the individual collections later, but let's be honest here: is anyone but Christian or Rami going to win? No way.

Above: Christian's collection. You can argue that the silhouettes never change, and that it's not very versatile, but you have to give him props for having such a recognizable aesthetic after what? 10 hour-long episodes and one runway show?

Above: Rami's collection. Very gown-heavy, but gorgeous. And it wasn't all draped! That last black dress is stunning. I think my vote is going to Rami.

P.S. Love Sweet P's NY Mag bio (love meaning I laughed really hard): "She takes her cues from Prada, John Galliano, Marni, ChloƩ, Phillip Lim, and Balenciaga." Um... doesn't everyone? That's like saying you're an artist and you really like Picasso.

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