Sunday, February 24, 2008

and the winner is...

The Oscars are tonight!

I'm embarrassed to admit how behind I am on my movie-going - I'm not really sure I've seen anything that's been nominated - but I would like to take this opportunity to put together a little wish-list of the looks I'd like to see on the red carpet tonight. Now, these looks are all taken from the fall 2008 collections - the ones that have been seen for the first time only in the last couple weeks - so whichever stars would be hypothetically wearing them would have to be on the cutting edge... the ones who can't wait until fall.

Above: Derek Lam. Now this is glamorous. Feathers, beading, a sheer bodice, the thinnest, tiniest straps - I'd love to see this one on Marion Cotillard, even if she is rather loyal to Chanel.

Above: Ports 1961. We've done yellow on the red carpet, we've done colbalt blue, but I think this bright orange would be so refreshing. On the lovely, alabaster-skinned Cate Blanchett - and look, there's even a little extra room in the middle for your little one on the way!

Above: Zac Posen. Obviously I want to see someone rock a tux. Keira Knightly, you up for the challenge?

Above: Marchesa. It's a given, as at any award show, that we'll see Marchesa in some form tonight. I'd just rather it not be so frothy and empire-waisted and princess-y. I love the structure of this one. I think little tomboy Ellen Page would shock and impress in this.

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VOGUEITE said...

oh i do love that sharp Zac tux. must be one of the better pieces from that disastrous collection.

haha i just did my own entry on the pieces i hoped to be seen later at the Oscars!