Saturday, February 9, 2008

marc jacobs

I appreciate Marc Jacobs' humor. It's funny that, because last season his show was two hours late, he showed at 7:15 this time around (the show was scheduled to begin at 7). It's also funny that, because last season was a collection explicitly about sex, this collection was purposely sexless. It's clever that he made his show a Sonic Youth concert (which brings new meaning to the fact that the window at his Marc by Marc store on Bleecker Street is crowded with Sonic Youth t-shirts).

The problem is this: as much as it's become about the circus, the lateness and the spectacle, it should be about the clothes. Marc Jacobs' shows are always something to talk about, but this season, the clothes were okay at best.

Above X5: I'M BORED.

Afterward, when asked about his inspirations, Jacobs replied, "I really wasn't very inspired this season. I just live my life." Yeah, we could tell.

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