Friday, February 1, 2008

rachel roy

I, Emily, a 21-year-old college student, am not Rachel Roy's target audience. Not even close. Roy's fall collection was geared almost exclusively toward the ladies-who-lunch set - which is unfortunate for her, as she had some really great elements that could have had broad appeal. She used some great color, gorgeous trimmings (feathers!), and had an innovative influence in her Native American concept. It's too bad that everything looked, well, a little bit old.

Above: I think that top is really interesting, but I might pair it with dark skinny jeans and those shoes to make it a little younger.

Above: Awesome color, awesome necklace. I like the idea of the gloves, too - there's just something a little too polished about it, I think.
Above: Here again, this just looks a little old. I'm not asking for slutty minidresses here, Rach, but maybe you could hem it a couple inches? Or give her a waist? I love the scarf and the way it looks with the dress, I just wish the dress wasn't so boring.

Above: I like the colors, and I'm a fan of the ultra-structured, Roland Mouret-esque shape.

Above: Here's the Native American idea, about as literal as it gets. I don't know... I think the poncho thing could work in real life, but you'd definitely have to get rid of the belt and the brooch. Less is more; you don't want to look like you're wearing a costume (Remember Zac's wheat?).