Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've been avoiding commenting on Balenciaga's fall 2008 collection, mostly because I'm still not sure how I feel about it. raved about it, saying it was an "extraordinary synthesis" of tailoring and modernity and Cristobal and Nicolas and it certainly is a synthesis -- but I'm not so sure it's all that extraordinary.

It seems like a blasphemy to be underwhelmed by Balenciaga -- and I'm shocked that I'm even capable of being underwhelmed by Balenciaga. I'm having a personal identity crisis over here, all because Mr. Ghesquiere seems to have phoned it in this season, expanding on the armor-like seaming of spring (Photo1 ), throwing in some classic Balenciaga references (Photo 2), and including a couple of curiously boring, Valentino-esque dresses (Photo 3). The only things that looked relatively inventive to me were the draped velvet tops (Photo 4) and the undecipherable print dresses (Photo 5), neither of which I was very fond of.

I'm at a loss! Thoughts??


RaisedEyeBrow said...

Definitely underwhelmed. In fact so undewhelmed I blogged about it then felt bad and went on to see if others felt like I did. So glad you are of same mind.

Anonymous said...

Balenciaga, at leats to me, is definitely loosing it's magic. Ghesquiere might have had some unique conceptual ideas here, but the actual clothes on the runway are bleh. It looks like he tried so hard to make them high fashion, but the clothes do not look covetable or wearable or effortless.