Wednesday, January 2, 2008

wine loves fashion.

Winemaker Ecco Domani has just announced its winners for its 2008 Fashion Foundation awards.

The womenswear winners are (drumroll please...):

Alexander Wang (above, spring 2008). DUH. I do like him, though I'm a bit tired of hearing that he's the new Phillip Lim.

Elise Overland (above, spring 2008). She's new-ish, but talented. I wasn't blown away by her spring show, but she's got people talking - I'll be interested in seeing what she has planned for her fall show in February.

Lyell by Emma Fletcher (above). I think of Lyell as more of a boutique-y label than a serious runway contender... but we'll see. It's cute, though, and I guess we didn't use to think of Mr. Wang as a serious runway contender either, huh?

Réyes by José Ramón Reyes (above, spring 2008). Wonderful. Pretty, classic pieces -- and his spring collections was all about the 20s, so I'm obviously on board.

Wayne by Wayne D. Lee (above). I think I once read something about how she used to be a buyer for Barney's Coop and then she started making her own dresses. They're cute dresses, but also a but cutesy - I think they'll continue to sell well at Barney's, but I honestly can't see Wayne breaking out much further than that.

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The Glossy Editor said...

I really like Alexander Wang...never heard him compared to Phillip Lim - but now that you mention it! Kidding. Just hope that he didn't use ALL of Erin Wasson's style in one season??