Tuesday, January 22, 2008


John Galliano's given us another fantastical (obviously) couture collection for Dior. It's undeniably impressive, though certainly less focused than, say, his art-inspired fall 2007 couture collection or oragami-influenced spring 2007 couture collection.

This time, his influences were a bit harder to discern - instead, we recognized some of Galliano's usual go-to elements, like sharp, architectural construction, dramatic volume, and neon colors.

Above: One of the more wearable looks in a collection where "wearable" is generally totally irrelevant. I love that shift-looking top -- it's a little 60's and very cute.

Above: This construction around the hips is incredible, and I love the way it gathers at the knee.

Above: I can't really figure out where this pattern comes from in the context of the entire collection, but I do love the way the colors look on that bright white backdrop.

Above: This is a really incredible dress. This is the kind of thing that belongs in a museum.

Above: Another museum-worth piece.

They're saying (they being style.com and j'adore couture) that the collection has traces of Klimt in it, and I can absolutely see it in the gilded trims and geometric detailing, but really I just think it's Galliano doing what he does. The collection may not be the most directional or fashion-forward collection he's ever created, but it's gorgeous.