Friday, January 11, 2008

too bad?

Club kid fashion institution Heatherette will not be showing at New York Fashion Week in February.

The Heatherette show has become sort of an epic circus event every season, with hundreds being turned away because the show's over capacity. Screaming crowds of baby drag queens, coked-up club kids, and the fashion people are crushed together, hoping that they'll make it inside to witness Lydia Hearst, Amanda Lepore, and (of course) Richie and Traver strutting or dancing or roller skating in a cloud of sparkles and loud music.

And this year, it's not happening. Somewhere, a glittery rainbow unicorn is weeping.


Heather said...

Why not?!?!

Anonymous said...

Because Heather, it's the most embaressing thing the industry has had to endure for the past couple of years.

I hear Richie and Traver have been shacking up with MJ, and they will be streaming their show live from Neverland Ranch--all models under twelve years old.

But it's still so effing tragic

em said...

re: michael jackson/neverland ranch/12-year-old models

is that a joke? oh please, let that be a joke.