Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a plea.

I've ranted on and on about my disdain for Rayban Wayfarers, but let me just say again:

Please, friends, get some new sunglasses.

With spring arriving, more and more people are breaking out their shades, and - I kid you not - I saw 8 pairs of Wayfarers during my 15-minute walk home today. I don't care if your style icon is Bob Dylan or Mary-Kate Olsen - I'm tired of them. This might even be worse than last summer. Please. This is supposed to be New York City. Be creative.

I like these clear-framed ones - on the top from Oliver Peoples, and in the middle from Tom Ford, both on shopbop.

And though I would probably make fun of you for wearing these brown aviators from Urban Outfitters, bottom, after I noticed the little gold horse in the middle, I would secretly be jealous.

And me? You know what I'll be wearing: I'll be trading off between these and these.

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