Tuesday, March 4, 2008

anna fakeout!

I'm a couple days behind on this one, but apparently there was an Anna Wintour impostor running around Paris, even faking her way into the Lanvin show.

I feel another C'est La Mode contest coming on! ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anyone who can identify the above three people (and of course, by one million dollars I mean I will give you serious props and a big hug).

This might be my favorite thing since Trovata's Romanian socialites prank.

UPDATE: Cathy Horyn reveals the identity of the faux Anna!


VOGUEITE said...

from left to right:

Fake Wintour aka french TV's Mademoiselle Agnes, apparently doing a spoof of Anna!

Snejana Wintour in Paris VOGUE

and of course, the real article, La Bobella!

Claire said...

I was going to say, surely the right-hand photo is Wintour herself!!

Just in case you didn't see it, I went to see Anna Wintour speak at the Oxford Union, I posted about it approximately a week ago. You might find it interesting!

Bouncing Evil Ginner said...

Just realised my last comment didn't have my blog linked!! Two profiles - one's used for friends as well, so I don't link it.

Anyway, the specific article I mentioned is here http://fashion-by-student.blogspot.com/2008/02/in-flesh.html