Monday, March 3, 2008



It's no secret that I was getting a little burned out on la mode. It's been a solid month now of looking at several shows a day and trying to keep them all straight in the style file cabinet in my brain. General fashion fatigue coupled with an extreme lack of inspiring collections had made me want to give up on fall 2008 altogether and take a vacation.

I should have known that my darling Alber would have something up his sleeve for me...

From the most basic of sheath dresses to the most ornate and everything in between - coats pants skirts fur! - Elbaz managed to put together a collection that was not only fashion forward but incredibly beautiful.

His fabric, made from yards and yards of grosgrain and satin ribbons wrapped around the body, was an innovative touch that kept basics like the navy one-shouldered dress from being boring (albeit gorgeous). The fur was so luxurious - I love that patent and fur trench on Liya. His over-the-top jewelry, like chunky cuffs and heavy, sculptural necklaces balanced perfectly the prettiness of the clothes. And can we also please acknowledge these shoes?

Seriously, Alber. Thank you.

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