Saturday, March 8, 2008

mes vacances!

I'm going to Paris!

I'm leaving in a week, and I can't wait. I'm going by myself, and I am going to wander my city and drink red wine in cafes and go to my favorite crepe restaurant in the Marais and Franck et Fils and Sandro and Et Vous in the 16th and the cinema at Odeon and I'm just so excited. I have been trying to keep myself from shopping for weeks, because I know that I am going to need a whole new French wardrobe when I get there.

This is what I'm going with:

Above: It's insane how many button down shirts I have. Men's and women's. I wear them every day.

Above: In an effort to stop wearing jeans so often, I've gotten these: a black bandage-y miniskirt and high-waisted shorts. Have been wearing them with thick tights recently, and usually the aforementioned button downs and flat black boots.

Above: A total no-brainer. With navy or plum-colored tights, layered under or over something. Easy.

I also will have to bring a few pairs of jeans, cardigans, flats, my gray patent oxford heels, and my navy Chuck Taylors.

The problem, of course, should be obvious: these things are all totally boring.

Which brings me to part two of this post: My Paris shopping wish list!

1. A killer pair of heels. I've been pretty good at keeping my new year's resolution to wear heels more often, but my collection is still a little weak. I need something a little ridiculous - I'm not talking about black pumps here. Something colorful, maybe? A platform?

2. A new silk scarf. There's that one I wear every day, I know, and I'm totally bringing that one. But I have this vision of walking into this consignment store in the 16th or a great vintage store and finding an amazing colorful big square scarf.

3. Some piece of jewelry. I know this is very vague, and tricky because I go through such phases with my jewelry that it needs to be something I won't get sick of. I love the idea of a charm I can wear on a bracelet every day, or a delicate little gold ring. Really, I just want something I can wear every day and think of how I bought it in Paris.

I may just get myself into beaucoup de trouble while I'm there...


Fred The Mole said...

Have a nice stay in Paris
With red wine and crêpes suzettes (very good) !!
Thankx for your comment on Easyfashion in Paris

Fred the Mole

The Glossy Editor said...

Good for you! Have a great time! Bisous,

TenderGirl said...

Enjoy it!! Paris is ...the EDEN of fashion!!