Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Cathy Horyn said it better than I could:

"At Chloé, the press notes came right out and declared that “the Chloé girl belongs to the magpie school of looking good.” That amounts to throwing in the towel. Chloé, under its former designer Phoebe Philo, was a fashion ringleader. Every editor and copycat paid attention to her youthful designs because they were real and distinctive.

Her successor, Paulo Melim Andersson, cannot create a look that is either uniquely Chloé or interesting. He creates pastiches from three or four trends, like the filmy draped dress and tweed boyfriend jacket, and then adds splashes of embroidery and sexy pointed footwear. Paisley and floral prints, in rose and slate-blue tones, at least looked fresh, but as with any magpie operation, most of the styles had a half-consumed look."