Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sheer chic...

or sheer shit?
(copyright Deb Saslaw, 2007)

Seriously, though. I'm all for the more artistic, less realistic aspects of high fashion. Practicality is completely overrated. I can totally get behind the outrageous, like Ghesquiere's gold armor leggings of spring 2007 and Giles' massive knits for fall 2007. But I'm starting to worry about the overwhelming presence of sheer pants on the spring 2008 runways.

From top to bottom: Chloe, Jill Stuart, Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Karl Lagerfeld, all spring 2008.

A note to Ashley Olsen, Cate Blanchett, and Chloe Sevigny: You three are great at taking crazy things straight from runways and putting them rightly in the real world, and I admire the hell out of that. But I don't want to see you try this see-through pants thing. I just don't think it will work.


Krista said...

Ugh. I don't get it, either. They WERE everywhere. I don't know what trend forecast these designers were all reading (I find it hard to believe it was a coincidence), but they may want to look elsewhere as a forecaster is clearly taking the piss.

Deb said...

HELLOO. i didnt realize i could leave blog comments. im honored to be in your blog. you may also want to credit n for that expression as well. SHEER SHIT.

Yvonne said...

I actually love the sheer pants. I think they can look very very wrong but they can also look fantastic if worn properly. IMO much better the 'model uniform' of skinny jeans and more flattering than leggings. Definitely one that needs style to pull off.