Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Paolo Melim Andersson's spring Chloe girl still looks a bit like a Marni girl to me, but even so, I liked her better than the "angry girl" of fall 2007.

This collection was much softer; there were similar graphic, painterly prints, but this time the colors were paler and the silhouettes were less sharp. Obviously, there was chiffon (sheer pants OMG!).

For me, it was interesting to look at some key details of the collection: the bags and shoes. I work in retail, remember, and for the last few weeks I've been trying to sell these to my customers (it's not going well). While there wasn't tons of variety to the shoes and bags (there were basically two styles of shoe, two styles of bag), I do think they were prettier and certainly more wearable than last season's.

Above: This patent open-toe slingback ankle boot (say that three times fast) came in black white, and gray, and will certainly be an It shoe for spring. It's basic without being boring, I love the patent leather, and the heel is awesome.

Above: I think the colorblock detail on this shoe's heel is really cool, and those big wide straps make the shoe look really graphic and modern.

Above: Again, I really like that wide strap; this time, on the bag, it's the wrist strap. The color combination is fun.

Above: The folded alligator clutches were my favorite. Again, there's a really cool graphic quality to them -- they're so unique.