Monday, October 15, 2007

fall is here!

And really, isn't it about time? The heating hasn't kicked in in my apartment yet, but at least I have an excuse now to wear my beautiful bomber jacket -- and to get my beloved Chloe sweaterdress (found last year in a consignment store in Paris... could it get any better?) out of storage.

I'm packing away all my sundresses and seersucker shorts and formulating my cold weather wish list:

Above: Thread Social. As soon as I have a paycheck, I will have this dress. That dropped waist is the cutest thing, and with thick tights and flats... I love it.

Above: A short, flouncy skirt. Of course this one has to be 3.1 Phillip Lim. With the aforementioned tights and flats, or with these:

Above: My mom may call them wicked witch of the west shoes, but I must have them. The good thing about something so trendy is that you can find them in all kinds of price ranges -- because unless I don't want to eat for months, I can't afford the YSL oxfords. These are by Steve Madden.

And finally, the fantasy item:

Above: Stella McCartney, fall 2007. That cardigan! It breaks my heart.

Ah well, a girl can dream. Happy fall!

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brian said...

a girl can dream! i'm dreaming of all the soups and stews i've been waiting for cold weather to make.