Sunday, October 28, 2007

baby, it's cold outside

When did this happen!? It seems like it's gone from an Indian summer to full-fledged winter in just a few days. And I've been so busy staring at spring 2008 collections all day long that I almost forgot that fall has to come first. Let's take a trip back in time (February seems so long ago now, doesn't it?) and talk about coats:

Above: Jill Stuart. I know I keep saying I'm sick of the sixties and even sicker of cobalt blue, but this is such an Emily coat. I can't think of an outfit that wouldn't be more adorable with this jacket over it.

Above: Alexander Wang. I think capes are so chic, and I love the cut of this one: narrow and very, very simple.

Above: Burberry Prorsum. If only. Someday.

Above: Nicole Miller. I so distinctly remember being at this show, one of my first ever big Fashion Week shows (oh, nostalgia). But this coat is not only on this list because of its emotional significance, but because it's so cool. I loved Miller's Peruvian influences; it's such an amazing statement print on a classic shape.

Above: Moschino. For now, I feel like I'm too young to pull off a serious fur -- but give me another 10 years, and I'll want this one. I love the color, the stripe effect is gorgeous, and that collar is awesome.

I don't think I've ever been so happy to bundle up!

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