Friday, August 3, 2007


I have not seen her look this good in a long time:

Mary-Kate Olsen, perpetual pouter, in an Alaia skirt, an American Apparel tee (and really, isn't that exactly what you'd expect an Olsen to be wearing? Fancy fancy paired with totally basic), and a SMILE. With teeth!

At a vendor seminar for the store I work at, we got a preview of Elizabeth and James (the Olsens' other clothing line -- not to be confused with higher end The Row). There were some really cool pieces: a vintage-y sequined dress that MK wore to some event, these flannel and button-down shirts with button detailing in the back so they're more fitted, blazers, skinny black pants -- very Olsen-esque looks that you can pick apart to make your own. I'm excited.

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ashley churchill said...

that's the outfit i wear most weekend days, only my skirt is from the gap and not alaia. always perfect.