Wednesday, August 29, 2007

everyone wants a piece

Is it just me, or is the fashion industry getting (no pun intended) trendy?

Every girl wants to work at Teen Vogue (thanks a lot, girls from The Hills), every pseudo-celebrity thinks they can be a designer (I'm talking to YOU, Amanda Bynes), and The Devil Wears Prada was just the catalyst for all the Ugly Bettys and Fashionista Diaries...

Now, even Myspace thinks they're a part of it.

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brian said...

i think it's less to do with fashion becoming 'trendy' and more to do with fashion entering the realm of 'reachable luxury,' and even that is inaccurate. america, i think, is becoming more akin to countries like france and italy where they take frills very seriously, i.e. fashion, cuisine, language, etc. our protestant ancestry made our culture much more work-centric. however, since we've got a solid foundation of wealth, does that mean we've got more a means to develop those 'frilly' pastimes?