Saturday, November 24, 2007

let's talk about resort.

Starbucks has been serving drinks in Christmas cups for weeks now. The Marc by Marc store on Bleecker has had nutcrackers and snow in its windows since the day after Halloween. In suburbia, Christmas lights are up on houses and Christmas tree lots are on every corner.

But I'm not ready for the holidays yet.

Maybe it's because I've spent the last week and a half in Miami and southern California, respectively, but I've been looking back at these resort collections and they (along with the ideas of vacations and warmth) are looking pretty good.

Case in point: Brian Reyes.

The idea that I'm returning tomorrow to 40something degree weather is making me a bit cranky. I need a mojito, that white tiered dress, and the sun.


brian said... may say it's 40˚, but believe you me, it's much colder! if you want to stop in indiana on your way from california and pick up my cuban rum, i'll make you a mojito. otherwise it's just curry turkey and vodka tonics.

Ali said...

love the first two!