Tuesday, November 20, 2007

it's that time of year again...

Ask me what one of my most traumatic life moments was, and I will describe this scene:

Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. December 24th, 2006. I'm flying home after four months in Paris, and I'm simultaneously devastated to be leaving and anxious to get home. I try to check my bags; they're too heavy. Paying a fine is not an option, buying a new bag and redistributing is not an option, leaving things behind to collect later is not an option. My only option: throwing things away in the airport. I couldn't throw away my family's Christmas presents, and I couldn't throw away my new Parisian wardrobe, so the stack of French fashion magazines in my suitcase had to go.

With a heavy heart, I deposited months of French Vogues and Elles in la poubelle (trash can). The hardest to part with: December 2006 Vogue, guest edited by John Galliano:

(Though I did rip off and keep the gorgeous cover -- the orange shadow one. I still have it!)

The good news: it's almost time for that December French Vogue again, and this time, it's guest edited by the lovely and oh-so-chic Charlotte Gainsbourg:

I will buy it, and I will love it, and I will not throw it away.


Anonymous said...

have you seen the cover yet? this crazy gent andre j with a major afro is with a kate moss-type, looking fabulousss. my co-worker is friends with him, and i can only imagine the estrogenized hissyfit that ensued his finding out about his cover-candy fortune, no?

David@MakeupBeat.com said...

Hey how about a mention for my site www.MakeupBeat.com seeing how you found your favorite French Vogue cover there?! Merci.