Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i'm it!

I've been tagged by Bouncing Evil Ginner (hope that's not her real name) over at The View From Here (a lovely blog) to share 7 interesting things about myself. This feels a bit like a.) one of those chain letters everyone was passing on in the third grade and b.) one of those myspace bulletin survey things, but let's just do it anyway, shall we? I'll just keep it to la mode...

1.) My first real fashion moment? Working at the fall 2005 Imitation of Christ show during New York Fashion Week. I was interning at Seventh House PR, and I was positively thrilled to see Tara Subkoff, Chloe Sevigny, and Mary-Kate Olsen up close. Later that week, I went to the VPL show's afterparty, and my then-18-year-old self and then-18-year-old friends had a few too many free drinks and embarrassed ourselves in front of the uber-sophisticated fashion crowd. Ah, memories.

2.) My past fashion icons have included Meg Ryan (I was the preppiest kid. Still am, maybe), Edie Sedgwick (pre-Sienna's terrible Factory girl, I swear), Louise Brooks (which led to self-cut short bangs), and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Future fashion icons (if I'm brave enough...): Isabella Blow (I need more hats in my life), Agyness Deyn (I need some House of Holland in my life), and Lynn Yaeger (you have to respect someone who's committed to a serious look -- even if the look is circles of blush and purple babydoll lips).

3.) I'm tentatively planning to move to Paris next summer and stay for at least a year -- so if anyone know someone anyone over at French Vogue who'd like to hire a girl with a strong interest in fashion and a mediocre grasp of the French language, hook me up!

4.) I don't wear sweatpants. I refuse. I would wear a ball gown to the grocery store if I loved it enough.

5.) My dream man would be a cross between Alber Elbaz, Tom Ford, and Alton Brown (though, now that I think about it, a cross between those three might be pretty peculiar).

6.) My most beloved article of clothing? It's a toss-up between my found-it-in-a-consignment-store-in-Paris Chloe sweaterdress, my Tom Ford cat-eye sunglasses, and my pink Jill Stuart flats that have been positively worn into the ground. I guess, though, I should give a shout-out to the white J.Crew button-downs that I wear about every day, and my red, blue and gold print silk scarf that goes with nothing but that I wear with everything.

7.) One time, I met Giorgio Armani in a Moroccan restaurant in Paris and we did the bisous (you know, those one-on-each-cheek kisses). It was wonderful. This is a true story.

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Iheartfashion said...

I love your answers!
I'd like to spend next year in Paris as well, so if you get that job at Paris Vogue, keep me in mind!

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