Thursday, July 12, 2007

taking the plunge

Today I bought high-waisted jeans.

They are so cool.

After going back and forth several million times about whether I liked them or not, I found the perfect pair at Jill Stuart (and on sale!) and just did it. A dark, almost black wash, a relatively skinny leg, pockets that lay flat on the front (which is important) -- they're perfect.

I'm wearing them to a party tonight with a preppy little striped button down shirt -- tucked in, of course.

Wish me luck!


brian said...

good luck!

Modediktator said...

Yeah, good luck from me, too!
And please tell us your experiences!!

vandi said...

Ooh!!! Any pictures?

em said...

it was scary at first, but i love them.

added a picture!

Modediktator said...

I'm not a fan oh high waisted jeans - but they suit you very well!