Saturday, July 21, 2007

a question.

When I go out (and not even out-on-the-town out, just like out-to-the-grocery-store out), I generally have to try on about six different outfits until I find the one I like. It's a long, meticulous process. Last night, I was in the middle of said process, pulling out all the clothes in my closet and periodically yelling out that I have nothing to wear, when a (fashionable) friend suggested I wear leggings.

I was indignant. I couldn't wear leggings, I said. Who did he think I was?

I still have them in my closet, of course. Several pairs. I've worn them to death since my freshman year of college (three years ago -- I still remember trying to wear them at home in California over Christmas break; my mother was shocked to see the gruesome 80s trend revival). But in true Emily form (and I suppose, true fashion form), I've grown tired of them.

At the risk of poorly imitating Carrie Bradshaw, asking really important life questions in a column, I've started thinking about this...

... Are we all done with leggings?


brian said...

i would say considering you're on the bleeding edge of fashion, leggings are out. however, for the rest of the world, leggings are very much in, and they will still be around several years from now when very behind the times girls in middle america "discover" them at kohl's. thus, the choice to wear leggings or not to wear leggings is completely yours; you still have a little longer before people look at you on the street and say, "seriously, what was that girl thinking."

brian said...

scratch that. i just saw a sears commercial for back-to-school clothes, and one of the "featured outfits" had leggings. you'd might as well just throw those bitches out.