Thursday, July 5, 2007


There's a reason why Lagerfeld's a legend, and it's not just because he's so freaking cool to look at.

He managed to create a couture collection that was at once classic Chanel and incredibly modern. Lagerfeld focused on drawing lines down each side of the body, creating a flat front view of each piece. He used embellishments to emphasize those strong side lines, like the feathers on this dress:

The neckline reiterates that symmetry. He's a genius, I'm telling you.

I think these gloves are amazing. I would love to see them on a red carpet with a really simple black dress (Cate Blanchett, are you reading this?).

This is what i mean about the collection being classically Chanel and so modern it's almost futuristic. It is futuristic, really: the clean, even spare silhouettes, the hoods and headpieces... it breaks my heart, it's so cool.

This is one of my favorite looks in the collection. The headwrap looks sort of 20s-flapper to me, and the bows on the shoulders are perfect. And is she wearing flats!? Seriously, Karl. Stop. No, don't.

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