Monday, July 16, 2007

libertine debuts at target

Libertine's line for Target debuted yesterday.

I'm all for design for the masses. Proenza Schouler's and Paul and Joe's Target stuff was awesome, and the stuff Stella, Karl, and Viktor & Rolf did for H&M was, for the most part, pretty cool. I really believe that you can and should be able to find great clothes that are affordable.

That said, I will absolutely not be making the trek out to Brooklyn so that I can pick through racks of clothes that look like this:

There are no words.

To be fair, it doesn't all suck.

I don't hate the bird on this tank. I'd still probably put a cardigan over it, because I'm not crazy about the cut, but it's do-able.

This blazer is kind of cute. I'm afraid in person it might look a little cheap, but I think when high-end designers do low-end lines, they should stick with basics, and this is pretty basic.

I like the detail on this scarf. I can't figure out the shape, though -- I'd like it if it was a big square, not so much if it was long and narrow.

Generally underwhelmed.

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ashley churchill said...

oh god. i made an effort for proenza, but not for this libertine bullshit. agreed.