Thursday, April 24, 2008


ELLE's Anne Slowey says the dress is dead.

Barneys' Julie Gilhart disagrees: "Certainly [the dress is] much more efficient. 'Instead of spending days thinking about your wardrobe,' she said, 'you can concentrate on who you’re voting for for president.'”

Above: The dress I wore nearly every day last summer.

Me? I love a dress. You'll have a hard time getting me into a pair of pants in the summer, and for now, I don't care what Slowey says about fall. But Julie: are you serious about that whole thinking-you'll-concentrate-more-on-the-election-if-you're-saving-
time-by-wearing-a-dress thing?

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brian said...

you should always be thinking about who you're voting for. i mean, i'm voting for whoever can convince me they're the most disadvantaged. it's between woman, black man, and cancer patient.