Sunday, December 16, 2007

hot mess at the chloe party.

Ok, so there was this lovely, fabulous, Chloe/Guggenheim/Ryan McGinley party on Thursday night, and everyone came and looked so nice -- and then Erin Wasson showed up:

Listen, Erin.

I know you're just too cool for school and all, back on the runways and styling Alexander Wang shows and everything. I also understand that the weather was awful. But maybe you could have brought a bag with you -- not only could it have held a backup pair of shoes, but it also would have been a great place to stash your Parliaments before the party, because I'm pretty sure you can't smoke in the Guggenheim.

You want to be cool and different, and I get that. You didn't want to wear the waterfall dress, I get that too. But I really think you could have pulled something together that wasn't a pair of leggings and a beanie.

Think about it.


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