Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This one's a bit trickier than, say, the Poiret show.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's latest Costume Institute exhibit not only is a show of beautiful clothes, but an experiment in tying said beautiful clothes into technology. The show, called blog.mode (I'm going to refrain here from making the obvious but totally inaccurate claim that the Met stole my blog's name), is made up of about 40 pieces, from an Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci dress from 2007 to 18th century costumes.

Here's the twist: in addition to the clothes being on display at the Met, there's an actual blog about each piece (giving information and history, as well as the opportunity for readers to contribute and comment), "designed to promote critical and creative dialogues about fashion."

I like the idea of dialogues about fashion, obviously. And it's certainly an interesting idea, making a museum exhibit into a blog, or a blog into a museum exhibit. But maybe this is just a bit too postmodern for me... can't we just talk about it instead?

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Anonymous said...

Remarkable idea