Thursday, June 26, 2008

pajama party

Generally, resort collections are directed primarily toward the jet-set crowd that vacations in St. Bart's, Mustique, [insert fabulous tropical destination here] in January.

This resort season, the clothes look like they're for a woman who's going straight to bed. No, not straight to the bedroom - I'm not talking about sexy lingerie-inspired looks - but straight to bed. As in, to sleep. In decidedly un-sexy pajamas.

Above: Lanvin, resort 2009. I feel bad getting on Lanvin's case, because Elbaz's collection was my favorite resort collection yet, but I don't even think Cate Blanchett could pull this off unless she was retiring for the night.

Above: Vena Cava, resort 2009.

Above, Diane von Furstenberg, resort 2009.

Above: Ralph Lauren, resort 2009.

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