Thursday, May 1, 2008

costume institute watch 2008: update!

Fashionologie's got a great round-up of the biggest fashion party of the year (countdown: 4 days!).

The surprises? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are wearing custom Diane von Furstenberg, which seems odd to me. I'd expect something a little less conventional: vintage, their own line, the Row, Givenchy maybe... I don't know, DvF just seems a little pedestrian for the Olsens, no? Also, Proenza Schouler's dressing Tory Burch. This pairing is strange for the same reason as the DvF/Olsen pairing, only backwards.

Totally unsurprising? Giorgio Armani's dressing Katie Holmes. Yawn. Karen Elson and Sofia Coppola will obviously be wearing Marc Jacobs. Gisele will be in Versace.

I'm looking forward to seeing Rachel Bilson in Costa's Calvin Klein. Maybe this little number?


VOGUEITE said...

well you're right, Liv Tyler wore the exact same Calvin Klein. it didnt quite shimmer as on the runway, but most of the Met attendees this year were pretty lacklustre anyway

Anonymous said...

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